Mass roll-out of EVs with maximized DER integration

The anticipated mass roll-out of electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe and the continuously increasing number of distributed energy resources (DER) are posing major challenges to Europe's Distribution System Operators (DSOs) with regard to ensuring a secure and reliable energy supply and network operation.

PlanGridEV: Distribution grid planning and operational principles for EV mass roll-out while enabling
DER integration

The overall objective of PlanGridEV is therefore to develop new network planning tools and methods for European DSOs for an optimized large-scale roll-out of electromobility in Europe whilst at the same time maximizing the potential of DER integration.

The comprehensive approach of PlanGridEV takes into account requirements and constraints of all relevant stakeholders, in particular through an effective cooperation between Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and DSOs accompanied by leading scientific and technological research partners in the consortium.


Project concept and approach

For the first time, PlanGridEV will adopt a European approach involving DSOs as well as OEMs to develop new distribution network planning rules and operational principles. This approach accounts for the need to adopt a multi-stakeholder perspective to satisfy customer expectations and to ensure a safe and efficient network operation integrating EVs.

The research strategy of PlanGridEV will focus on the perspective of planning rules and operational principles, thereby following the steps below.

Figure 1: Project concept and approach