Cooperation between DSOs and OEMs

It is of utmost importance that OEMs and DSOs develop a common strategy based on synergies that will benefit both. Therefore, PlanGridEV aims at integrating both perspectives in order to develop planning rules and principles matching the needs and requirements of all stakeholders.


The project relies on the input and feedback of the OEMs. The OEMs will define their requirements and needs towards the newly developed grid planning rules in order to integrate EVs into the grid. Furthermore, the OEMs will provide input with regards to the technical and operational possibilities towards the EV-grid-integration (e.g. smart charging).


Renault is a full partner of the consortium and will contribute to most of the work packages. Renault will bring in its expertise especially in the field of intelligent charging. The other OEMs Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and Nissan will contribute in the frame of an OEM Forum as stakeholders. All OEMs are committed to contributing to the planned four workshops.

The workshops will address several topics:

  • Customer requirements, business models and EV development roadmap (input for WP1 and WP2)
  • EV requirement analysis with regard to communication protocols (WP3)
  • Discussion and review of the results of the validation phase (WP5 and WP6)
  • Review of draft DSO investment strategies (WP7)